by Phil Maggio

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Self-produced, Goreiginal Volume One is a mostly dark and jazzy sounding hip hop album. Whether you enjoy while driving at night, or sipping tea in the study, you're sure to find these songs have all the raw feelings and complexity many have come to look for in phil maggio rap songs, yet it also has scattered instrumentals that add a little extra zing to put you in the proper mood for some quality evening-time relaxation.


released August 8, 2014

Produced by Phil Maggio
additional vocals by Mangy Maxx.
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Mastered by the one and only Gravytron
find gold here: soundcolud.com/gravy.tron



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Phil Maggio Utah

Man of many Talents.

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Track Name: Two Hot
I'm trying to get where I'm headed cause I'm sick of just getting by,
spit till I'm breaded like the skin of a chicken thigh. I run shit, like the bridge of the Enterprise ship, i admit, that a dick, i exemplify.
And I'm 'a stick it to the man like them picket signs, until I'm shitting in a pan i'll be spittin' rhymes. Getting high with my fam till i hit the sky, sipping wine till my liver dives in a crimson tide.
This is the life of an artist, all day write, all nigh make hard beats.
-or paint our streets. Every art piece be sharper than sharks teeth, just look at our feats. We blowing up like global terror, or solar flares. See emcees all fold like a row of chairs. It's been a long time coming but we're almost there, no 'O contraire, we're getting noticed like a mole with hair.

I write my rage on a page till Its filled like a cup left out in the rain then it spills. Cant contail it I'm ill. even my own brain is amazed with its skill. Wasnt raised in the hills, but i'm making still. - Still not chasing a deal, still i will get paid like I'm Bill Gates. Raided different stores just to pay rent before, now i hustle art, for starts i'm 'a make you a deal.

Alright check it out-
5 dollars a cd.. we got your t shirts over here for 10, um...
you like these canvases? yeah. you like this canvas, come check it out..
OH, you don't wanna buy my shit? well, FUCK YOU!

Here now but I'm gone in a minute so I'm gonna spit it raw so you all don't forget it. From the start to the finish I'll admit it, im a dick, I'm 'a spit till you start to diminish. I spit harsh shit like "carcinogenics" you get harmed then marched to the clinic. My art never played part in a farce or a gimmick - All heart. Are you starting to get it?

I won't lose if you race on the track with me.. I pulled through in the face of catastrophe. There's nothing that you could say that could baffle me- Every line I've made is like the paint of a masterpiece.
And every rhyme that Ive created aint as it seems - just another AD on the page of a magazine. I've really lived every bit of each tragic scene, so when i spit it, it's more vivid then when having dreams. More driven than I've ever been and glad to be. Im feeling more cherry than a 4-berry daiquiri.
I carry more than these "ordinary" rappers, see? A rabid fiend for the beats, I'm a savage beast. Y'all wanted heat? well i brought it like a sauna seat, you fork tongued liars probably have iguana feet. -Multiversal- my whole team be prodigies to put it modestly sing this mother-freaking song with me.

I love when bitches be grabbing my nuts when I'm fucking 'em from behind... and i love scraping them vaginal walls about as much as i love to rhyme... I'm getting sick of whack tricks,(I) need a frickin' bad bitch with a duffel bag, ready to ride..One that can suck a fat dick, doesn't ask shit, and gets ready in time.
Track Name: Art Fiends ft. Mangy Maxx
My art could be abused as a substance,
also be used as a muse for you to run with.
i'm only human but im doing something huge,
step into my running shoes and get a fucking clue how you're gonna lose.
I'll stop your flowing like a ruptured centrifuge cause like phlebotamists you're always just sucking blood from fools.
Fuck the rules, im above 'em all.
fuck a law. here's a couple balls you can suck 'em off like you love the salt taste.
inspired all summed by the rhymes i'll say.
I'm tired from the running through your mind all day.
I'm fresher than the bucket full of pine-sol or lysol sprayed in your eye ball, k?
My little homies spit sicker than yall. You're sick of how we're ripping it and now you're kicking the wall. You're just another brick in it, you're not different at all. Your fake authenticity certificate has been lost.

i spit fluent, once I'm under the influence. these sin fluids got me chillin' colder than Inuits 'till I'm in ruins-
I'll be an outcast laying on my couch smashed, out for the count, doubt that i'll bounce back.
I've found that, after mouthfuls of whiskey I'll probably act an imbicile, and It's doubtful you'll miss me, in fact,
it's pitiful, you'll stick a scalpel up in me until my blood is in a pool and your whole household is sticky, but that- really isn't even important its just silly tidbits that i strung together within minutes from a vivid image-
that i conjured up, often enough i ponder what all this stuff means. I'm trying to stay shining like polished up rings. But it seems most beings aren't honest just fiends and don't respect who came before them or homage to kings.
It honestly seems like kids these days are parasitic. i can't even bare a minute of them, and their opinions. i hope, they get smoked in an act of terrorism. A mid-air collision would be amazing. a real rare occasion.
Track Name: Deep Rest
I'm too broke to afford any more sorrow, i'm unfulfilled and feel more like my core's hollow. Don't steer this boat where the shore's shallow..Or risk your throat getting choked by them ropes in the foreign gallows.
I'm headed north but need more throttle, because my craft feels like a ship trapped in a corked bottle. the wind is calm but the storm follows..I'm writing Gore novels that'll touch your soul more than floor models...

So many disappointments, and missed appointments, and skidded knees, Skipper please get the ointment.
I've made some iffy choices and some risky maneuvers. forget the rumors even if they were true cause i'm not perfect..never said that i was. I'm captain blackout catching a buzz, left in the dust is how i feel now,
while peers aound me are real proud..
I'll kneal down and thank the clouds that i'm still 'round 'cause honestly i probably deserve less, even with this word sex freaking the heart beating in your chest.. Ive learned I've still much to grow. It doesn't mean much to me if it don't touch the soul because a wealth of the self you can't clutch or hold while tons sold their own for a bunch of gold. so what's your goal son? spread hate or let the love control? either way when your day comes, you're the one that goes
Track Name: Humboldt Fire
I stay lit like the blunt is, through the dips of the slums to the tips of the summits... things shift, they lift then they plummet. you can feel that switch coming from the pit of your stomach. I'm 100 but used to be unwanted. was usually unguarded, but ruthlessly i was targeted.
Truthfully, it fuels me to improve. skip you to me. Excuse me to intrude.
A rude emcee who choose to be a sick dude. I'm coming thru so move quick or get moved. It's music like this you get shushed to so shut your lips and adjust to this sit-thru. Hearing skills of this magnitude's about as rare as an I-like-to-share-attitude. When every rapper dude seems like a hoarder, the way they're freestylin' in the corner with recorders.
Aye yo your luck is mad shitty when we cross ways like a lost stray black kitty. I smash city like i had a bat with me. Ask any body if they've seen my racking bag empty. I've been ruling since i was in school drooling. a true, hooligan staying true to what I'm doing. Pursuing a dream - seems like the scene of a movie. got schemes up the botty. smoke trees till i choke/heave breathe up a lougey then I'm falling over accidentally gripping on some boobies... Bitches wish that i had sex with my groupies cause i get that coochie wet like the jets in jacuzzis.
We never plan to fail, we just fail to plan. step carefully cause one mistake could make or break a man - and i know you wont' be there for me.
Track Name: Blood's Blue But Bleeds Burgundy
i don't know what i did i wrong, some thing went wrong. I have been gone in my mind i couldn't find the time to write this song. life aint long. find a bong. recite this calm with a pipe in palm. light it up like another mic I'm on. with all of our might we must fight this cause when we're born in the morn and by night….. we're gone.

gone with the neighborly hellos
gone with my mom and the days that seemed mellow
gone with the days they'd feed jello
thru the cage to me away from these major league fellows.

everybody's got a job for doing but what about the opportunities were not pursuing?
expired liscense to ill I'm still not re-newing
and in spite of all my skillsI'm still cockatooing.

with this life you need lots of humor cause in time
It's probably gonna find loss and ruin.
I'm waking in the AM anxious with lots for doing
cause if i aint making ends then it's cost accruing

brewing hate in your heart?
you should stop your stewing.
find the time to watch blossoms blooming
hope you got the clue, instead of hostile shooting
you can profit from the love like prostitution.

the mere fact that kids won't remember me,
is throwing salt and insult to injury
i knew fault would be involved eventually
when the kid bombs like the end-all of history.

and what if i told ya theres gonna be no one to hold ya when you get older?
shit is gonna get colder and colder and harder to hold on ya own little shoulders.
i could play this over and over reminding us all where we'll go when it's over.
people are blind and in comas and I'm just guy 25 getting ulcers. so what?

If youre alive, give it all you got friend. first you're in your prime then you're long forgotten gone. gone with the star fish.. like the darness in the dawn...you're gone.
Track Name: Pompous Egos Ft. Mangy Maxx
Often people who have pompous egos,
mob together like a flock of seagulls and think they're 'bout as dope as poppy fields, on the real.
They think it's fragrant when they're dropping fecal,
anxious for some cocks to deepthroat.
Vacant and their thoughts are feeble.
Their flaws concealed with the shield of false pride,
small minds wrapped in congealed in raw slime.

I'm a wretched and mangy mutt, rejected by lady luck
my repetitive ways have stuck, i'm seconds away from fucked and
im falling in face first, the knowledge my brains learning is all in a days work, i follow the strange urges to paint surfaces.
my nervousness stays lurkin'. Create verses, letting great burdens off of my sternum. When the hand feeds, i bite it. Tried expanding my mind, but i can't seem to find it. Or plant seeds inside it.
I can't sleep at night i just stare at a blank page. my face stays complacent but laced with innate rage. I'm self-destructive. My health is fucked, i've never felt this rugged. a jealous puppet, full of hellish rubbish, trying to dwell in numbness. held some grudges, but i forgive and forget quick. My plans have been in effect since i was a kid sipping nesquick.. out of sippy cups..now im getting drunk reminiscing...in a rut but when the pen is clutched gems are written. A sick human, who sips liquids and sin fluids to get lifted till his head's shifted and in ruins. Addicted and influenced by visions of improvement, my crew's proven to be a smooth fusion of lit fuzes...
Track Name: Lemonade
People wonder why I'm sinister for.
I've been waitin for a break for ten minutes or more
and every written spit is sicker than the written before forget hittin' the mission abort, this is a war.
Before, gore was gettin' aboard the short bus now im gettin' awards plus im gorgeous. my ego won't even fit in the door and we know i'm a bit immature. i still hit at your core.
i never once had to fake the funk, been drinking every day for years, been baked for months. a lazy lush, that lusts for the taste of rum. waking up late, a bum's fate, what i may become.
I'm comin' up though. don't see a need to crash. I've done so much math in the streets i could teach a class. i feel the need to brag often and i see to that. never let my feet drag. my whole team's kings at last.

With deliberation we gone keep winnin', cause it's the innovation that we keep inventing. everyday i'm problem solvin' i promise i'm never gonna stop evolving. x2

Nothing's worth more than life experience, i'm serious, but what is this life I'm curious? If i give it all my forced attention, i could get it, i forget it's in the fourth dimension.
A born citizen of Florida, since then I've moved a hundred times and i sorta missed it. Gore's a misfit that toured detention and told the whole court, fuck your opinion.
i must say i've come a long way since then, listen let the song play, i'll convince them. i been living strictly for the move like an engine.
Move every month, i'm immune to eviction. Bass goes boom from the room that i sit and weed and booze i use to fuel my music addictions.
i demonstrate the intention every time when i innovate the invention.

With deliberation we gone keep winnin', cause it's the innovation that we keep inventing. everyday i'm problem solvin' i promise i'm never gonna stop evolving. x2