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GOREGANIC is an attempt to address my perceived flaws of myself, society, and with a rigged system subjugating the planet to its suicidal will. Recorded over the course of 3 years, with various producers, Goreganic has many differing moods and feelings, intertwined with conscious subject matter to entertain the tortured soul of modern times.


released February 14, 2015

Featuring production from Gravytron, Grimblee A.K.A Hecka, MrVandal, Piccolo, DumbLuck, DustyBeatz, Seanson, DuckiBeats, and Jesse Rawls.
Additional vocals: TaskRok, and Mangy Max.
Mastered by the one and only Gravy.Tron. <3

GOREGANIC is Dedicated to my friend, Wes. Thank you for pushing me and my art in a positive and meaningful direction. Much love brother.



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Phil Maggio Utah

Man of many Talents.

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Track Name: GoreJess Prod. by Jesse Rawls
I got problems like a dog's got ticks.. Its not often that we bond like bricks; I'm a freedom fighter hands all balled to a fist. raised in a barn, grazing the farm like pigs. -gone with the wind. Arms strong like my wrist muscle, songs that i spit get applause while you get muzzled.

my spit bubble and fizz, the kids a bit troubled. My kicks dusty as they shuffle through this thick rubble. I'm not a bit gullible to the sick subtle shit they be coming up with on the double. I'm a slick mother-lover with a brick, coming up and big, then I'm in the cut with a 10 and a bunch of friends.

I'm the fucking man, what;s the plan? getting drunk again. mixing up the gin with the crane, lifting up my chin. never getting up, getting to my feet once again, hustling's the stuff that'll get you what you wanna get.

Since my wonder years, been a chugger of the beers, blunts in my ears ten years from a scruffy beard. Another 5 years from making my love a careen, now i'm here but still living like my younger peers. I'm done with fear, stick shift switching up the gears, faster now, music blasting loud while adjusting mirrors. passing out while i'm standing up, hand on my cup. liver damage ran amuck got me where i'm stuck.

Everybody knows I murder the beat with the words I'm unleashing-
every verse heard is the earn of my keeping
My third eye beaming. learning my genius
we just turning up the heat without burning the fajitas

please just lemme get a donation
been dope since a kid breaking probation
no wages. I'm broke but I'm so weightless -
a change of wind could change my whole location.

Champagne and OJ with smoked bacon..
every song performed forms an ovation,
my sovereign mind romanticize it's own nation
away from this roboticized control matrix...

we steady rotating the heat like chicken in rotisseries
forget a twenty piece of mystery meat from Mickey-dees
evading the entrance fees maybe drink a whiskey squeeze
eyes asian cause I'm blazing sticky icky trees

Theres few act that i care about- seems like everybody's asking to hear 'em out. it's a drag race, they flag me down and im peeling out.
-it the originators of the innovative demonstrating
elimination of gimmicks and fakers within a statement.
we facilitated the real and we feel debilitated
skill debated as the illest. paying bills while entertaining
Track Name: America's Effed Prod. by Grimblee
America has got a canon aimed at an ant, and armed airplanes up in the sky that aren't even manned. how many people need to die for a piece of land? even decent guys sign allegiance without thinking: DAMN!
I got news but's not FOX that told me it. Im cop-watching for hot-shot draconians. nine shots Patronee, hot box the OG them im watching for rollies cause cops out Patroleein'.
No alternative to rap, but i can't complain. i still feel self fulfilled when your hand are raised. my album hits front-to-end line abandoned trains and i can land a phrase if we can launch a human man to space.
Don't get it twisted like candy canes or fancy names,
my main intentions to make inventions your hands embrace-
Create a vision and paint it gripping a can of spray...
Aint just a business its personal to me as of late.

America had to break from Great Britain to escape taxation, now they're shaking hands with 'em, making plans in foreign lands, expanding hate-ism.. Just selling their souls for gold they can't take with 'em.
They signing off on these mandates that stiffen laws, prison walls are man-made by slaves of the business boss- the system fails us all, you ought to get involved. dont just sit in awe. Assist us to watch the system fall.
With no capacity for love, they're attacking me. Rather see a buck than prevent another casualty, rather be the judge swing gavels, living lavishly, laughing while the love turns to numbness and apathy.
They use the media for propaganda prop pillars, the military's crushing blocks like Godzilla, soldiers everywhere become cemetary plot-fillers.
No wonder X-cops are becoming the next cop killers..
Track Name: Carpe Diem
I'm convinced i'm in hell.. The Government is trying to kill us with chemtrails. So many mother fuckas i know get jailed, get bailed, and then fail. Shit- (I) hope one day I get to watch this ship sail, have kids and live well, but until then, I'm not having children in Midvale, just to give you some intel quick. Each day passes I'm taking notes, all day I'm trying to find a way to stay afloat. I couldn't pull my own weight cause i'd break the rope. so raise your hand and lets take a vote. How many people getting sick of the politricks? don't you think It's astonishing? All the people following Obama swallowing a whole bottle of Kolonopin, hoping it will help them with the sorrow then.. Uncle sam is a fucking fly, looking at us like a mushy pile of shit. i gotta run this mile with a big smile or just sit down and quit..
'Cause i know what i nkow and i know that i don't want to grow into no bitch. So i just gotta do this on my own.. but i won't forget. all the cold nights at home i've spent in hopelessness strokin' my dick. Most won't admit what it is, but i'm cultivating my old soul's content. Tho it's not my sole intent 'cause a lot of people think I'm a horrible prick. And they might be right but at least you don't see no side that i won't admit.
I don't owe you shit Mr. Government, just to get the record strait.. more work and less complaints.. forward progression lays. Gore d'oeurvres was yesterday, Phil Mag EP and yes Goremay. Let's portray the best for today and be a motivation for the rest to change. Cause life is short, and art is long. so let's live our daily lives like it's part of a song. Only up from here, OG, roll me up a square. Pour me up a beer, homie, pull me up a chair.
Track Name: DumDum Ft. TaskRok Prod. by DustyBeatz
I'm amused what you used for a muse in your music

So much space in your brain that you ain't really using.

in a written verse, I get inventive till my mental hurts.
I'm smart with my art but I'm denser than the middle earth.
Been at work just to get a little dental work
And a bigger dinner cause I'm thinner than a bristles girth

Hard to the core, entrepreneur far from the norm
The heart I'm pouring is way more than my genre affords.
I start performing and I'm like a mirage of your lord.
Turn on record and my writings massaging your gourd.

I just wish I had a buck for each crime i committed. Or at least a penny for each shitty rhyme that I've spitted.
It's inconceivable what flies through my mind in a minute
Write my whole life line and die when I'm finally finished.

Get inside my mind and witness what life with a sickness would be like
Tripping getting lifted as Benjamin's kite.
Inventive types into gettin your interest to spike-
Go to a show to show support and They give me the Mic

I'm amused what you used for a muse in your music

So much space in ya brain that ya ain't really using.

i never knew that when I went to do this ti shit,
i'd have so many mother cuffers crawling all on my dick,
I'm quite sick of all the stress, demand is at an all time, high.
no wonder why you're gonna see me high at all times.
Faultline, groundbreaking, innovative sound make your town shake
until we're knocking houses off their foundations.
some people see me as a prima donna cat-
who stay's touring like a rapper that don't even goot rap.
you see me strapped, with the titanium up on my back.
it either that- or I'm DTFO and need a nap.
Some people hate me cause I'm really not that sociable.
I'm unapproachable, uncontrollable AND emotional.
They said i reached my pinnacle, i see another mountain.
The thunder's loud, but i ain't got cover to under out from.
I wonder how come my outcomes are never wonderful,
and if I'm making thousands, then how come I'm never comfortable?

I'm amused what you used for a muse in your music

So much space in ya brain that ya ain't really using.

always comin thru your exits and dip the entrance.
the Type of kid to throw fits before sit thru detention.
long lists of Shit I did that could get me convicted if I said it so lets just
forget it, dismiss it as legend.

I'm like Thomas crown now cause I'm getting the picture.
I'm Pierce Brosnan James Bond when I'm Mixing elixirs
A lot of snitches need a swift little kick to the kisser.
Stitched lips together after sticking their shit in a blender.

They said I'm ill with addiction, nah I'm ill with the diction.
skilled with the spitting.only green up in my field of vison.
My perscription pills are music which i use to heal afflictions.
the truth, in real depictions. In the booth i kill the fiction like:
Don't make no claims without no factual basis,
or speak of health hazards with no actual cases.
I get sick of debunking all you vaginal faces.
on some kindergarten shit lets take it back to the basis. GET DUMB.

I'm amused what you used for a muse in your music

So much space in ya brain that ya ain't really using.
Track Name: Many Bad Things Prod. by Hecka
I have done many bad things in my life, i wish i could hit rewind but time don't exist in a linear line. so god give me a sign.. are we really alive? and if i really did die, would i just be revived for the billionth time? x2

after this, no coming back. don't know where I'm going but i know where I'm at. I'm a nobody unknown on the map. so i cope with the fact that I'm broke but i have no hope it will last.
I'm a little bit emotional yet I'm still focused. sometimes i can seem unsociable, i see you might have noticed
Are we near an immanent closing? I see a lot of evidence showing.
I'm here but I better get going, light years ahead and we never been slowing.
Never selling my soul, for the story that's ever been told. eternal life is better than gold. but will I go to heaven if i tell him I stole?
your god is better than mine, and my god is than yours.
my god is embedded in rhymes, and your god is a medicine drawer.
God if you're there i need you. i need you more than ever before. I've seen a lot of fucked up things in life that a god could never ignore.
I'm not a doubting Thomas I promise everything from my mouth is honest.
I'm a little too modest they say, but I'll make you a promise.
I'll continue to be myself, even if we change.
Cause we know I'm gonna see some wealth, and it don't seem strange.(does it?)

I have done many bad things in my life, i wish i could hit rewind but time don't exist in a linear line. so god give me a sign.. are we really alive? and if i really did die, would i just be revived for the billionth time? x2

life is the turn of a page, or the blink of an eye, or the tick of a clock and were all just dots to the birds in the sky.
You can get there in time, if you shift your paradigm.
A little bit of perspective change, elevates your state of mind.
I never had the patience to wait in line. I just had to break shit and take whats mine. At first everybody just likes to hate, then every body hates to say good-bye. People will come and go, your evils will summon foes.
We've all got a lot of secrets, but i guarantee someone knows
I'm know for kicking this flow ridiculous, so meticulous. Don't ever try to slow me down. Just a little bit of focus, mixed with this emotion, shit goes POW.
I never wanted a life of pain. Only wanted to write my name. never saw myself as helpless, yet i felt i was quite insane. There's a line that's drawn between us. We're divine but we all have demons. Everything is fine, until that time when we're not in agreement. But without that other perspective, what would y'all call completion? I'm not just preach I'm thinkin' my thoughts all out of reason.

I have done many bad things in my life, i wish i could hit rewind but time don't exist in a linear line. so god give me a sign.. are we really alive? and if i really did die, would i just be revived for the billionth time?
Track Name: Flame Grilling Your Face Prod. by MrVandal
See i was blessed to begin with, destined to win.
success is the best revenge especially when, everybody probably thinks you're gonna go and get arrested again like most of the rest of your friends.
let the lesson begin, the professor is in and you're best to attend.
nobody's perfect but I'm next to a ten, i been putting work in like Mexican men.
I've never been to the pen, but I'm not afraid of going.
end to end, it's my moniker you're knowing. I'm on a roll and there's probably not a moment that I'm not heroic now you're mama probably wanna blow him.
You could say that I'm well practiced. still got held when i fell backwards,
smoke a L faster than you could even spell rapper, im gonna need help after.
Cause I'm a weed head, in the Amtrak bathroom dabbing.
gotta hit that g pen when ever we in the middle of traffic, traveling.
mail main better have my package.
i got that itch and a passion for hashing. i cop that quick and i'm *hacking hacking* drop fat hits like acid stashes.
half my life i spent tagging, then i sacrificed it for rapping now im grabbing mics without asking. beats blasting like Bin Laden.
feel the agony that i've been having, not having things you been having. imagine snatching shit from the cabinet at the Macys downtown then dashing.*catch him*

its the caped villain that breaks ceilings with paint spilling.
i came willing, my name's still in them same fill ins
my plain brilliance is flame grilling your fax e killing ya
point blank with a bang from my brains cylinders.

my dumb puzzles will bumfuzzle your numb scuzzle
im Chron Treezley, Ron Wheezly's a slum muggle.
i rum funnel. till drunk chucking up scum puddles.
my tongue muscle's a gun muzzle's that busts bubbles POP!

wait a minute, every day we play to win it
aint a bit afraid to get my name out and claim i did a good job , look y'all people want to say i didn't when I'm weighing in at a ton and it aint a gimmick.
you better be the first to back up
or today you're gonna learn about the word disaster
so high I'm earth to nasa.
run shit like purse snatchers to deter their capture.

at the finish line winning with a ribbon. I'm getting mine
while you sitting bitching how you didn't .
wizard with the words flip a bird with a sentence
if you wanna record then refer to the guiness.

on the verge of a chemist how i merge all the different
elements that you heard when its finished.
im a terrible tenant, with no limit to error,
don't experiment with him

how many words in a minute can he fit in ?..
you might discern im a menace to the system..
throwing house parties when I'm served an eviction
celebration the return of a mission.

got a 30 pack that i jacked in a hurry
got it back to the party with a stash of the furry
-weed- now I'm feeling mad as a jury.
-fury- I forgot to get packet of curry

My priorities is twisted,
only can afford the things thats simplistic.
gotta get all you need right now,
cause when you're old you won't be ambitious

don't waste time trying to make wishes
invest wise and line some bank interest…
yeah that's they told me to do but I told them fuck you and mind your own business..

gotta put good food in my system,
hit some good goo then I'm sipping on some good brew then I'm driftin',
listen good fools, i been slipping.

I been hooked to this addiction
i booked thru and convicted, its not a good look when you look like this son,
on a mission to get my ends up then some since 1

its the caped villain that break s ceilings with paint spilling.
i came willing, my name's still in them same fill ins
my plain brilliance is flame grilling your fax e killing ya
point blank with a bang from my brains cylinders.

my dumb puzzles will bumfuzzle your numb scuzzle
im Chron Treezley, Ron Wheezly's a slum muggle.
i rum funnel. till drunk chucking up scum puddles.
my tongue muscle's a gun muzzle's that busts bubbles POP!
Track Name: Icecream for breakfast - Prod. by DuckiBeats
since that first time i saw ya baby
never thought you would call me later,
now you are my lady.
had some other suckaz jealous, none of y'all can blame me
crazy how you got me weighin' fame.
I got no option to stop,
I'll wait- take your time baby doll i got lots of patience
my thoughts we're racing- every time i saw a call that came in,
real talk its your all I'm craving.
no word is good enough to describe how fly you are.
And now you're mine, and I ain't have to lie and say i'd buy you cars.
I'm like a rugged vet writing bars. u make me better every time you're
unimpressed with all my fighting scars.
it's always bright as day right beside the light you are
I'll barricade your heart and serenade you with a nice guitar.
you're quite the star no advice but don't try too hard.
I'll buy the bar for you, but- only if you like to pour

...but if you ain't with it then I'll respect it...
...cause we could leave and eat ice cream for breakfast...
...the kisses that your lips giving me so electric..
and you can bet that the sex is next level whenever her legs split

she got them good jeans; she's got good cooking.
plus the attitude of a girl not that good looking
but she's a strait ten, and she don't play games.
it almost don't make sense the way the we became friends.

acquaintances can turn to lovers in an instant
and change a random thing into something that's more consistent.
your kisses to me are like nipples to an infant,
revving up my gears like the pistons in an engine.

your resistance isn't stiff as my persistence
my intention is to get into your skin and itch it.
i wanna be your fix- you're bothered when I'm missing and
i ought plead the fifth but -constantly my big lips servicing.

my friends said don't but the liquor encouraged it
so much time wasted in the places i been searching in..
thinking how long i gotta wait before my turn again?
but then we met and now I'm celebrating pouring...

...but if you ain't with it then I'll respect it...
...cause we could leave and eat ice cream for breakfast...
...the kisses that your lips giving me so electric..
and you can bet that the sex is next level whenever her legs split

my shorty gotta truly tight style
booty like blaw, i know what I'm a do tonight now.
got me acing like night a night prowler after lights out
in the neighbors yard, white flowers getting wiped out cause

you got me feeling like I've died and gone to heaven
work it like a nine to 5 job minus all the stressing
honest i've been on quest to have next to me indefinitely
-and have reality reflect what's in the message

i can see us on the beach of Bermuda-
chiefing buddah eating food up with a drink of Khalua
an independent girl not interested in digging' for moolah
1 to 10 - she's a twelve like the inch on a ruler

i had to to squint my eyes to try and get a glimpse of her future
attempt to hold my shit together like a stitch or a suture
i couldn't fit inside her life as just a spit tin' producer
especially an unsuccessful one that's kicks it with losers

you know who you are without saying/ names
those other dudes chasing but their playing/ games
some people love the sun, some praying /rains
her love the one thing that keeps me staying/ sane

so now shes flipping the script again.
she never thinks I'm cheating when I'm kicking' it with my friends
intimacy isn't measured by inches it's much
better by the sentiment of all of the gifts you give
Track Name: I Keep Coming Back Prod. by Piccolo
I keep coming back here, i think that I'm trapped here,
I've been drinking this flat beer, with people from last year.
Where nothin' is changin, but no one's complainin',
just show me the way in, and I'll be the same...

i got nothing against you, tell the truth ill probably miss you too.
We all got shit to get thru, you gotta prepare for when it gts to you,
i gotta, get goin' no more shit showin'. Gonna get my ship sailin' only if the wind's blowin' hence why I'm disk mailin' just to get the kids knowin'.
no more tip-toeing only more big showings.

now I'm going going never knowing when I'm gonna go go home cause just like my mobile phone i been roaming. Smoking dohj all alone then zonin'. Hoping one day we'll meet again, I'll be the man and you'll be my friend. knowing one day I'll see my end with a handle of Seagram's Gin.

sick of this old place, sick of this same cold case to the face,
same ol same liquor with no chase.
aint no way I'm a break this phase. i got, no patience. i hate to wait.
no longer can my days be a major waste.
lets make mistakes, at a racer's pace. There's more to lose and to gain when you're raising the stakes.
i don't need a label to display my name, lets all linkup and we'll break the chain.
Pigs bang bang from the thang thang thang. Another innocent slain,
but who takes the blame?
Apparently it is not them. I used to wanna kill em but it got to my conscience. I'm planting these seeds with a thought that could blossom.
I'm not into stocks, but I'm watching my options.
I got what i want and I'm not in the top ten.
lost all my life in my mind I've been off and I'm not gonna fall show em all what you got friend. Balls to the wall, you'll be calling the shots then.
You think you are what You're not. A star. But you aren't even part of the plot. Every bar go hard when the start of it drop regardless of whether I'm retarded or not.

I keep coming back here, i think that I'm trapped here,
I've been drinking this flat beer, with people from last year.
Where nothin' is changin, but no one's complainin',
just show me the way in, and I'll be the same...
Track Name: Born A God Prod. by Gravy.Tron
firstly i gotta be myself cause i can't see myself as an immitation.
I'ts energy i'm chasing . innovation is the theme.
everything i make exceeds limitation.(I) only say what i mean but sometimes, i don't even really mean to say shit 'cept a lot of people hate when you chase a dream.
not me i just let go when i wreck flows, im special ed but i'm fresh though.
AF what i rep so, if you really want to step, i suggest don't, LETS GO.
My grade average is A. Born a god, made a king in a matter of days.
SO STAY OUT OF THE WAY. blast off we bout to travel through space.

Let the bass just take you away to a place you could safely stay.
put an eighth in a blunt and take a drank of Ancient Age -or maybe
Tanqueray, whatever may be your favorite flav. just live your life on a day to day, and never be afraid to make mistakes.

So many ways to do this right, anyways many can't do this like i do this whenever they make music. All i do is write life in it's truest light.
that's right, my life. but who am I?

secondly I gotta do this for me,
if i didn't i would lose it completely
cause once you don't need me, then you would delete me.

Life is beautimus but you better realize theres few to trust
enemies'll leave you in the dust, moving up using you as a rung
on a ladder doesn't matter if you we're the one who's affected they're shooting a gun your direction… so unless you run for protection or get them first they're gonna lunge for your neck then.
so wheres your gun for protection? and where's the love and respect when it comes into question?
we become what we're destined,
a collection of dust and the stuff we're neglecting.

so are we doomed to become what most fear?
only good for giving you the chills like a ghosts near?
only chillin if I'm stoned with a cold beer.
hoping that I'm not a handicap in my old years.

how did i get so restricted by these mortal binds?
did a portal dive then came in the world more alive.
born for flight, I've been sure to strive for the sky.
normalize the strife and restore the light before ya eyes.
Track Name: Seeding The Weed Prod. by Seanson
Oh me oh my, i'm so high that i think I'm dying, applying myself and finding that I'm getting sick of trying. Non-compliant with this system and will not be silent, though the spooks are spying, the truth, you've got to stop denying.
so take cation by it, It's not rocket science. They'ed legalize trees if they was trying to stop the violence. it's simple as thought assignments..
with all these laws they're signing. It's getting hotter than dropping climates when crops are drying.
I'm out of money and my mouth is dry. I'm going out my mind. I'm feeling higher than a scalp massage. Eyes rolling in my skull like a boulder in the road, chiefing doja kief smolders in the bowl.
I'm a fighter for my rights, i'm a soldier with a soul, so lets organize the whole against this corporatized control. -If it's eye for an eye, then it's more than time to roll, 'cause i spent my whole life being tortured by patrol.

choppers flying low, it might be time to go.
hide the funds, gold and guns; lets go find a hole
light the bowl of reefer just to ease my mind and soul
so many times I've stressed when things are out of my control

who's the stranger that i saw walking beside the road?
I'm crossing the lines of code. the cost of this life the most
I'm off in my minds abode, thoughts that are cycle prone
constantly fighting my own freight. this is the life i chose.

so many risk factors that needed consideration
preceding this stage of seeding this seed of illegal status.
police are raiding and thieving people are being shady
farmers in town are far from proud when they see my ladys

my weeds are crazy cause we breeding with the old timers
kneeling in the soil till we're dealing with the gold miners.
a broke artist that retired for the whole harvest.
a poem writer for the whole; not just a sole surviver.
Track Name: Stark Contrast Ft. Mangy Prod. by Piccolo
In stark contrast to the rest of them. Infact im a precious gem. Servin up my special blend to men who are lesser than. Theyll suffer withdrawals when theyre cut off like severed limbs. Those kids follow every trend. My cliques always getting bent. I landed on this planet as a damaged product, frantic to expand my knowledge.. antics, leave kids transfixed with their hands in pockets. Standin' watchin all the random nonsense..displayed in ways that they just cannot process. But when I move my jaws, its so smooth it draws oohs and awes, from dudes and broads that see through my flaws. I used to walk against the grain to boost my confidence.. bathed in the rotten stench of shame and the awkwardness.. my thoughts are bent, im sippin on cold remedies, siftin through old memories, lifted I float steadily.. until this mystical whimsical road ends for me.. I let the multiple syllables flow endlessly

This is for those testing me, getting real close next to me
pretending foes where friendships arose exposed every week.
spitting the dope melodies, or getting some dough preferably
a mischievous soul getting glimpses of old legacies

within my dome, live in a zone of complexities
don't bitch and moan cause your missing the whole lesson see my
written poems, are like a little known treasury
encrypting codes, the systems probes don't detect a thing

our limitations, just indications we're still in chains.
invision breaking the prisons open and freedom reigns.
they say that aliens give us knowledge that fill our brains
lets build a spaceship and be the judge like philllip banks.

These pawns fill the ranks like god willed a way to kill the apathetic
after having said it, i don't feel the same.
it's pathetic people kill in the name of their gods,
or the name of their nation bringing shame to the cause
Track Name: Motherless Ft. Mangy Prod. by DustyBeatz
i hear a beat and i start to feel my heart get warm
from my blood streaming singing like the strings from a harpsichords
its hard to score when professionalism is common
and you're pessimism gets the best of you when it's a constant.

so when the song ends I'm picking apart the perfected.
pioneer a vision. every mission embarked is respected.
climb aboard the star vessel with different objective.
getting wrecked in the best method we've rendered effective

Trying to Escape this mental frame I'm in now.
Delayed reaction time its like my mind is my pen pal.
Amount of brain power is a minute percentile.
When you're Lying to yourself every time ya try to sit down to write

cause my mind isn't bright, it's a dim brown.
- dome over shadowed by the shroud of a thick cloud.
Smoking on some loud shit till i get plowed.
- is how its been now since I was a kid but now I'm big al-coholic

I figure I'll just dig out my wallet till my pees clear
Like when I clean my rigs out with solvent.
So many problems on this planet need resolving.
Fuck humanity. This is for the Manatees and Dolphins.

Ever since a youth i've been confused. Dipped into forbidden fruits. Misconstrued the systems rules, I guess I just had different views. NO shit to prove, I bend the truth till the ends are loose. Keep my liquids spruced. NOSHIT can smooth out this endless spoof.
Cuz all paths are full of bumps. Self indulgent scum will leave you with your shoulders slumped, feelin like a foolish CUNT.
I guess looks can be deceiving, I Didnt heed the warning now Im drowning in the deep end.. With a crooked mix of heathens, wolves that are in sheep skin.. pledging their allegiance tryna be freindzzzz...(nope)
Were all slaves to the latest trend, It makes no sense so im ALWAYS staying bent... My state of hope is now a fading ghost, racing pulse, taking pulls by myself, making toasts, staying quenched!!!!! Days are spent in a daze tryna make big dents.. In the system but theyre miserable and lame attempts. Its like trynta chisel holes in paved cement.... So pitiful the defeat i can taste the steeennnnnchhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Track Name: Global Panic Ft. Chris Hedges Prod. by DumbLuck
People saying that my minds not all there,
but I still feel fine as a frog hair.
finding work like a job fair all year
awe yea, no o contraire mon fraire

I'm prepared for the worst.
the wind blows; it could go from air to the dirt
I'm aware of the worst and it's a terrible curse.
politicians burning all their cares and concerns
while I'm scared for the earth

in a world of distraction my faction focused in-
jabbing punching bags; my jump rope's going thin
chugging from the bottle; my shot glass broke again
needing contact lately loneliness my only friend.

your reality begins with it's programming
be your own man, command where your souls landing.
we alone stand in a battle for the old planet
-where were headed were either dead or we both vanished.

so frantic on this road to a global panic
local bandit on the low with a toke habit.
living in my own attic pissing on this gross mattress
if i get a mill ill give it to the broke masses

these corporations exploitation's so savage
and so tragic, from the womb to a closed casket
the human race gets used then disposed after-
//kids trapped by the clothes manufacturers

we know that that occurs. but no one acts deterred from
consuming goods that are made by slaves hands at work
more than a snappy verse, or a catchy hook
this evokes magic like old occult practice books

I'm so mad at the - way this society's run.
suicide by swine go try it for fun.
their closing in, thats' why everyone's buying up guns
it's ride or die, choose sides and line up the fronts.

yeah, you're either with or against.
while you're sittin' there and listenin' youre missin events, and kissing the shins of tyrants a wishing your end- violence-
is the instrument that gives them a win.
thats why they bomb little helpless countries
while they steal and sell things.
not compelled to help, we just felt the munchies.
we're just selfish monkeys. with a wealth beyond need we never felt this hungry, and we're seldom wondering why.